Continuous Improvement Manager - Automotive

Continuous Improvement Manager - Automotive.
Salary 95K - 100K.
To manage, set direction, facilitate and support Continuous Improvement initiatives for the organization. Primary focus will be on Lean Manufacturing Methods, Internal Logistics, Process Improvement, Value Chain Analysis and Standardization of Leadership Practice.
Statement of Major Responsibilities:

Provides direction and support during Lean Manufacturing Methods.
Reviews all projects to ensure that action plans, timelines, budgets and requirements are met and/or exceeded.
Reviews and streamlines Internal Logistics and Process Improvement
Develops first line supervision based on strategic direction and standardizes Leadership Practice
Maintains positive employee relations and address issues in a timely manner. Seeks advice/counsel from appropriate sources as required.
Provides training related Continuous Improvement initiatives at the required facilities.
Coordinates plant initiatives and ideas with President & C.O.O and Plant Managers of each facility.
Provides Value Chain Analysis by monitoring and reporting plant activities and results in a timely manner.
Assists in developing new concepts and ideas to improve the processes and procedures.
Any other reasonable request made by management.
Contributes to a safe, clean and comfortable work environment that complements the Occupational Health and Safety Act by ensuring the principles of the 5S discipline (simplify, separate, sanitize, standardize and support) are supported and adhered to.

Safety Responsibilities:

Responsibilities include:
Setting a good example to employees by using safe practices.
Complying with applicable Company and legal H&S requirements.
Performing H&S workplace inspections.
Observing for and correcting unsafe acts or conditions.
Commending employees who demonstrate safe practices.
Communicating H&S information to employees.
Providing instruction and training as needed to ensure employees are aware of known hazards and their controls.
Completing/ reviewing incident investigations.
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